ShuttleOne in Q1 2022, a Recap

A glimpse of our achievements during the first three months of the new year, 2022… an eventful start to a great year

One-fourth of the year 2022 is already over and during this time frame, ShuttleOne has scored some great points to position itself as one of the valuable projects in the crypto ecosystem. During this period, ShuttleOne has achieved multiple milestones across its offerings as the team continues to create solutions that make using cryptocurrencies easier for the masses.

Picking up from where we left off by the end of 2021, ShuttleOne’s trajectory has more or less been on track with the previously announced roadmap. Few noteworthy achievements during this short period include profitable operation of the Metachain, introduction of useful community initiatives and establishment of practical DeFi use cases for small and medium enterprises.

Metachain Turns Revenue Driver

ShuttleOne’s initiative to introduce cross-chain interoperability with the Metachain multichain aggregator has borne fruit. By enabling projects to easily create cross-chain compatible dApps while influencing unhindered flow of liquidity across protocols, Metachain operations has increased ShuttleOne ecosystem’s revenue by at least eleven-fold. With support for 26 different protocols including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Tezos, and introduction of multichain NFT minting and transfer capabilities, Metachain’s contribution towards the ShuttleOne community’s financial health is only expected to grow in the coming days.

$SZO Gains Recognition

The cross-chain compatible ShuttleOne ecosystem utility token, $SZO got itself a spot on Uniswap and CoinMarketCap, which is definitely another feather on ShuttleOne team’s cap. The listing of $SZO on Ethereum’s leading AMM DEX will not only provide an easy way for the ETH community to purchase $SZO and become part of the ShuttleOne ecosystem, but also opens another potential arbitrage opportunity for Metachain Arbitrage Solution users.

The CoinMarketCap listing on the other hand adds more weightage to $SZOs credibility as the answer to scalability and liquidity issues that currently plague most of the blockchain protocols.

ShuttleSwap Creates a New Record

The fiat-crypto on/off ramp for remittance and payments, ShuttleSwap broke all its previous records during Q1 2022 by processing a single transaction worth $14 million. This single biggest value transaction of all times on ShuttleSwap that closely followed the integration of Metachain further strengthens the case for Metachain as the go-to ecosystem for dApps of the future.

ShuttleOne Partners Benefit from Metachain

Callista Finance, a prominent partner of ShuttleOne and one of the driving forces behind the ShuttleOne Plug-and-Play DeFi for B2B trade financing, adopted Metachain. Originally built on Ethereum protocol, Callista Finance needed a sound solution to the scalability issues affecting the platform. The existing partnership with ShuttleOne allowed both parties to evaluate and implement Metachain to validate transactions across multiple protocols based on specific needs.

With cross-chain compatibility, Callista Finance is now capable of commanding a larger liquidity pool while achieving significant savings on transaction costs.

ShuttleCast: A ShuttleOne’s Community Initiative

The founder and CEO of ShuttleOne, Zhuang took upon himself the task of empowering individuals by educating them about crypto assets. Supported by the ShuttleOne team, Zhuang has started a regular community interaction session where he explains the basics of crypto assets, technologies, trends, trading and more. Broadcasted as ShuttleCast, the episodes include Zhuang sharing his personal experiences in the crypto industry, clearly demonstrating that it's not just one person, but everyone is capable of, and generally ends up making mistakes. At the same time, these episodes also serve as a guide, educating the community about the dos and don’ts, best practices, and the future of the crypto industry.

On a lighter vein, Q1 2022 also had some fun activities for the community. The ShuttleOne Meme Competition had participants creating memes on “Arbitrage Trading with Metachain” and attracted more than 100 participants across the world!

Q1 down, Three More to Go!

We are happy about how things turned out during the first quarter. The last few months has been great for ShuttleOne as it helped gradually build momentum, which the team intends to maintain throughout the coming months. As the community waits for the official launch of Metachain for users, real use cases and revenue has been generating frequently on the B2B side.

The team is working hard to deliver to the community the most seamless multichain experience in the crypto space. $SZO - ShuttleOne token is embedded in the ecosystem and acts as the single protocol token for cross-chain transactions. This is an attractive reason why projects and partners are shifting to use Metachain for their Decentralized Apps experience.

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