ShuttleOne’s Metachain Tools and Arbitrage Solution, Born from the Aftermath of Pandemic

The third episode of ShuttleCast has Zhuang revealing the effects of disease, losses and how unwaivered focus on what matters help get through.

The latest episode of ShuttleCast, a community interaction initiative led by Zhuang, the CEO and founder of ShuttleOne addresses more than just an average day, or a month in a crypto project founder’s or an investor’s life. It focuses on how the ShuttleOne team weighed the priorities to reinvent themselves and create a one-of-its-kind blockchain agnostic Metachain ecosystem for the entire community’s benefit following a pandemic-induced rediscovery phase.

In this episode, Zhuang shares his personal experiences about coping with crypto losses and his team’s efforts to fulfil the vision of a post-pandemic blockchain industry. The relatively young crypto markets are known for their high price volatility that makes them high-risk and high-reward ventures. The degree of unpredictability associated with them further increases the possibility of losses, which is something almost all crypto investors experience at one time or another.

Days preceding the session, the ShuttleOne team invited the community members to share their worst failures in the cryptocurrency sector. Unsurprisingly, over 90% of the respondents believe that the losses incurred due to falling crypto prices were their worst failures in the industry. Zhuang, while he agrees and mentions that he too, once was on the same boat after experiencing the previous bear market. Following the experience, he claims that he is better equipped to handle the ongoing crypto winter and hopefully, any other curveball the market may throw in the near future.

Dealing with Perceived Crypto Failures

The rise of bitcoin and the overall positive outlook presented by the crypto markets encourage people to invest in crypto assets. Many times, people tend to overlook the volatility and listen to the advice of their peers to invest, hoping to reap high rewards. When the bear market hits, they are mostly unprepared to deal with the shock, and end up selling the acquired assets at a loss while experiencing severe mental stress, sometimes manifesting as a sense of anxiety, panic attacks, and even depression. The situation is further exacerbated by exposure to the negativity in media reports and even the people surrounding them.

Zhuang suggests that the best way to deal with the impact and overcome the situation is by ignoring all the noise and focusing only on the things that matter. In fact, he goes on to say that after having mined BTC and DOGE since 2013, he had a taste of the bear market and the mental agony associated with it. He divulged that the plummeting portfolio, combined with constant comments from family and friends about his previously held hawking stance in favour of cryptocurrencies made him feel depressed. He almost quit the crypto segment, before deciding to learn more about it, which later led him to create ShuttleOne.

Best Crypto Investment Advice is Your Own Research!

Many people depend on other investors, influencers, and media to make investment decisions. By doing so, they will be giving into greed and the fear of missing out, eventually ending up investing in the wrong asset or at the wrong time. Meanwhile, the informed investment decisions enable the investor to understand and evaluate the options, even set expectations before investing in any asset. Further, in the event of a market crash, they don’t have to blame others or get blamed.

ShuttleOne -- Making Crypto Investments Easier

Founded in 2019, Zhuang created ShuttleOne by using the crypto assets he had accumulated till date. The project was born out of an intention to create solutions that address the needs of crypto industry participants. While ShuttleOne has been a leading blockchain solutions provider for enterprises and governments for some time, their main target audience includes every member of the crypto community.

According to Zhuang, during the early days of ShuttleOne he explored DeFi protocols like Compound, Aave and MakerDAO, which allowed users to earn passive income from their crypto holdings. He found that most of these protocols only supported Ethereum, effectively limiting the strategies one could implement.

To remove the limitations and to make it convenient for the community, ShuttleOne started focusing on building products and services for everyone. The first solution launched as part of ShuttleOne’s Remittance and Payments product was the fiat- on/off-ramp, which is now known as ShuttleSwap. With ShuttleSwap, users in over 80 countries can convert their fiat to crypto and vice versa, enabling them to enter and exit the crypto market at their convenience. Used extensively, ShuttleSwap recently achieved a milestone by executing the largest single transaction till date.

By creating $SZO utility tokens on multiple chains and implementing the Metachain bridge, ShuttleOne is effectively erasing the boundaries between DeFi protocols on different blockchains. It enables users to participate in any DEX or invest in any DeFi product with any cryptocurrency. The seamless cross-chain transaction capability offered by the Metachain bridge, combined with the ShuttleOne infrastructure has opened the possibility of efficient arbitrage of cross-chain tokens on different DEXs.

The Metachain bridge-driven cross-chain arbitrage solution has undergone extensive testing with $SZO across Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Set to be officially launched in April 2022, the crypto arbitrage solution will enable users to buy $SZO or any other multichain crypto asset at low prices on one chain, transfer to another over the Metachain bridge and sell at a prevailing higher price to book profits. The arbitrage solution will work in conjunction with multi-asset ShuttleWallet and ShuttleSwap.

Zhuang said, “The Metachain arbitrage solution tested on a small scale is similar to high-frequency trading by institutions. In a traditional setting, such an arrangement requires a lot of investment into IT infrastructure and speed, but with Web3 and crypto technology in place, anyone with a secure crypto wallet can do just the same.”

You can read more about crypto arbitrage with ShuttleOne here

At the end, in a message to those crypto investors who purchased BTC at its all time high of around $64,000, Zhaung asked them not to worry too much as the market capitalization of crypto market continues to increase at breakneck speeds, and it is only a matter of time for the asset’s value to rise again.

The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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