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Chain Agnosticism – The future of Web 3 development

As the blockchain world grows exponentially, rising demands for cross-chain interoperability increase for both end users and businesses. You want to tap into the latest, best blockchain protocols for liquidity, innovations and earning. For businesses that want to build on Web 3, choosing blockchain protocol becomes the most essential question businesses must answer.

If you choose the right protocol, you will grow fast and successfully win the market. If you choose the wrong protocol, you face technical difficulties, protocol risks like network shutdowns, congested network, high gas fee and more.

As far as blockchain history has been, projects being chain agnostic – unbiased to any specific chains and adopting various chains that they seem fit has shown its growth outperform any projects focused on one chain.

What are the keys to becoming chain agnostic? – Let Metachain for Business by ShuttleOne solve it for you with:

- Multichain Aggregator

- Cross-chain Bridge

- Real world – Crypto gateway

Metachain - A Multichain Aggregator with a single connectivity

The biggest challenge when working towards being chain agnostic is talent and time

There is a limited amount of blockchain talent who can write smart contracts and build projects on blockchain. There is an even smaller amount of talents who can deploy smart contracts in various code languages and are compatible with multiple blockchain.

To become chain agnostic, you need the right talent and enough time to deploy and maintain your product on these protocols.

Metachain for Business - an aggregator that provides 3+ protocols (coming to 26) integration through a single connectivity, is the solution for saving time and resources in chain agnostic deployment.

Web 3 businesses can seamlessly connect to multiple blockchain networks all at once and through a single connectivity. Saving deployment time and talents to focus on the real innovation behind the products.

Metachain Bridge: Moving digital assets cross-chain

With blockchain protocols coming up every day, and newly found protocol risks, projects that are chain agnostics have shown greater success and adaptation than projects focused on one chain.

Metachain Bridge is the first cross-chain that creates interoperability for digital assets and liquidity (tokens and NFTs) between various blockchain protocols and don’t require protocol tokens for successful transactions.

For projects that have chosen a wrong marketplace for their digital assets, facing high competition can result in slow traction on the project itself. The ability to move cross-chain creates flexibility and unlock more liquidity that only being chain agnostic can provide.

Real-world and crypto gateway

Web 3 is attracting the world to join in creating, building and innovating. Decentralized finance or an unbiased payment system are innovative solutions that can bring the next wealth and growth to businesses around the world.

The biggest challenge for real-world businesses: how do they tap in these great innovations without being crypto savvy.

With a customizable, integrable multi chain wallet and fiat-crypto converting tool (ramp), Metachain for Business offers a one-stop-shop solution for everyday businesses to enjoy the latest innovation in technology.

Unbiased financing solution, with lighting speed payment and ability to earn more on your assets than the banks – crypto solutions offer the best leverage for businesses who understand it.

Try Metachain for Business

Metachain for Business is the growth accelerator tool for Web 3. By providing interoperability between blockchain protocols and the real-world, Metachain for Business removes most barriers that businesses would face when building on Web 3: time and talent.

Through the single connectivity and ready-to-use tools in the Metachain ecosystem, businesses can immediately deploy on multiple blockchain networks, tap in crypto liquidity and leverage the latest technology for their businesses.

Try Metachain for Business demo here.
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