Our Team


Samret W.

Chief Technology Officer

HongZhuang L.

Chief Executive Officer

Eakkarach P.

Lead Developer

Our Story

The ShuttleOne team came about during adversity when CEO Zhuang initiated the idea of ShuttleOne on a simple powerpoint, lacking funds to meet salary of his previous team Zhuang was left with no choice but to release his previous team and was left alone with no technical abilities.

For 2 weeks, Zhuang was hard pressed for solutions. However with the kindness of Samret and Ekkarach, we managed to turn the Shuttle around. Today, ShuttleOne consists of talents from blockchain engineering, computer vision and statistical engineering for robust datasets.

More importantly, the founding team were competitive esports players and still play games at the despair of their wives and girlfriends.

Are you one who loves solving complex problems and with a passion for open finance? Join us